Small flowers & big bloomers …….

Hi Everybody

Do you like a double entendre, I do as you probably can tell!

Well to put every-body’s mind at rest I’m talking flowers.  Here are some more pictures of flowers from the small to the large.


In order of appearance: Jasmine at the top – smells divine, then Lobelia, Patio Dahlia – just opened this morning, African Marigold in Vanilla – husbands favourite, and finally Double Begonia.

On the subject of the Double Begonia does anybody know why you sometimes get a single flower instead of a double?? Should we remove the single head? See Below Pic.

2 flowers

On a different subject, we have just visited a local garden centre because I wanted to plant a miniature herb garden in the pot where the pansies had been seeing out their days, so to speak.  They were now leggy and shattering.  I’ve purchased sage, thyme, curly leaf parsley, chives and rosemary.  The rosemary has been planted in the garden where it can flourish better.  I don’t have a picture but am very pleased that I can now add fresh herbs to salads etc.

Also, below is a picture which captures a new growth – another baby/sapling English Oak Tree. yaahh!  I have now transplanted it to a pot and put it beside the mother tree.   (The mother tree is in fact an acorn from Kings Walden Estate which a friend gifted me – maybe even the Domesday Oak which dates back to the reign of William the Conqueror).  I can wish he! he!

grasses and oak sapling

I also love the little purple flowers that this black grass produces.  I like grasses – does anyone else?  As you can see we also have some blue grass.

Well that is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by





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