Fledglings …

Hi Everybody

The robins had fledged and I have just taken a photo of their nest – it’s intriguing how the nest is constructed – isn’t nature wonderful.

robins nest

So far this year we have two sets of blackbirds reared their young – the first had three babies and the second had two babies; the robin (second try) her first nest was disturbed by a cat and she fled the nest leaving four beautiful sky blue eggs.  Bluetits have ignored our three boxes – not sure why!  The ring necked doves made a nest in the leylandii hedge but something disturbed them and the two eggs fell on the floor.  I think it was a magpie in this instance.

My husband has made a rod for his own back, as they say – he coaxed the blackbird and ring necked dove to feed from a dog bowl with a variety of food in it on the back door step.  Cheekily the other day we sat up the garden with the back door open only to watch the dove walk quite determinedly towards the door (the food bowl was up the garden near to us by the way) and into our house, strutted around the dining chairs and then back out again.  Anyone would think he owned the place!  Luckily he didn’t leave a calling card.  Not to be outdone – the Robin gave it a try as well.

Here is the hardworking blackbird.

That’s all for now.




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