Little Critters!!!!

Hi Everybody

Hope you are all well.  Well this is going to be an allsorts type of blog again.  Firstly on the sewing front it has been too hot to concentrate properly so not a lot has been achieved.  At work it topped 40 degrees C in the office but I managed to stitch or baste a few shapes during my lunch hour.  (See pictures below in blue).  A little more achieved on Audrey – no photo.  No knitting and no Lady Greensleeves sewing.

Secondly I found some A4 pouches that fit into a Lever File so have decided to keep various shapes made into these until sewn up together.

organised 3

Thirdly, I am the first person up in our house and after the storm on Thursday night I found this little fellow in the bathroom – a cricket (scoot by quickly if you do not like them – don’t want to freak anyone out). ……..

cricket 1

so I ran downstairs, grabbed a glass and piece of kitchen towel, captured him and ran back downstairs to let him out into the garden on a fuchsia plant.  Whilst near the back door noticed this little lady on the carpet so again glass and paper, captured and placed on the sunflower in the pot outside.


I am not sure why these creatures keep coming in when we recently purchased a perfectly good bug house for them to reside in ….

bug house

Went about our normal life and after putting the groceries away and going upstairs my husband called me back down to reveal “old jimmy cricket”  had re-appeared on the inside wall by the back door.  What is his game – does he think he has squatters rights (literally)?  So again I captured him and put him up the garden further away from the house.  Whilst there I took this picture of a rose and raindrop – just because …rose and raindrop

This rose is called “Friendship” – is it not beautiful.

On that note – I thank you my online friends for stopping by and reading my blog.





One thought on “Little Critters!!!!

  1. I love how you have saved a few little critters! I do hope they found themselves outside and enjoyed themselves there again! Your little patches are lovely colours. I can see why they would become addictive to make.


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