Summer Review Time 19 for 19

Hi Everybody

Well yes I have been a bit slack on my 19 for 19 review but here it is …

  1. Read 19 Books (5 books read – 2 on the go at moment)
  2. Sewing Projects (1 new start – no new finishes – 4 already done) (owls coloured in ready to be used in a sewing project)
  3. Learn Something New (Learning Patchwork  – 1 Bee Quilt Top Finished – Pirate Quilt top nearly finished – 5 more partly sewn together by machine and 1 new Seasonal Quilt hand sewn half finished)
  4. To Not Buy Clothes as much (Total failure – bought 2 maxi dresses and 1 denim jacket and 1 denim  skirt)
  5. To Eat more vegetables (moderate success – growing Aubergines)
  6. To write To Penpals (wrote 2 letters to Australian penpal and 1 letter to best friend)
  7. To create something and sell it for Charity nothing to report here
  8. To watch 19 DVD’s or Movies (watched 2 new DVD’s – Mary, Queen of Scots – good, and another one – obvs. not so good can not remember title)
  9. To Finish my 1st Novel (Still a W.I.P.  Have wrote another chapter)
  10. To write a Small Poetry Book (2 more poems written)
  11. To laugh more (laughed quite a lot)
  12. To Play my Saxophone Nothing to report here
  13. To try and Learn the Ukelele Nothing to report here
  14. To Learn Pilates and Deep Breathing – (watching Darcy Bussell Pilates DVD – does this count as a No. 8 on the list – guess so!)
  15. To Visit National Trust Houses/English Heritage places Nothing to report here
  16. To visit the V & A Museum Nothing to report here
  17. To visit an art Gallery Nothing to report here
  18. Go On a Long Walk Nothing to report here
  19. Go to Local Craft Fairs More Nothing to report here

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