Sewing Sunday and some extras

Hi Everybody

I have been very industrious this week on the sewing front working on both the patchwork and cross stitch.

First up – cross stitch of Audrey

This is from 21st July to 3rd August – some progress made.

Secondly I have been stitching the Seasonal Quilt.  Unlike my other quilts this one is all hand sewn.

As you can see I have starting sewing the base colour that will link it all together.  I pondered quite a while on how to attach the hexagonal blocks.  Whether to attach each single block or to create a strip and attach that.  As is obvious I opted for the strip/section .  Do you take the card inserts out when totally stitched together or can I remove some now whose sides are all linked to another hexagon?

Other patchwork projects – I have sewn together some of the scrappy quilt I am planning.


The blue one in the middle will look like this when finished …..

blue patchwork

I found the diamonds a little fiddly, but I am enjoying this process of learning.

Other news is the garden is looking lovely – we are very fortunate in our area as to not suffer the weird weather other areas have experienced………as yet!  I feel very sorry for the people who reside at Whaley Bridge.  Lets hope all the authorities can work together to find a solution and fix the failing dam.  I cannot imagine the anguish of losing everything to a torrent of water like that.

On a brighter note here are some flower pictures …..

The Day Lily is doing exceptionally well this year.  My husband took a photo of the first 4 flower heads to come out when I was at work and by the time I come home they were gone over.  The fuchsias are late flowering this year but still a splendid display.

And the birds …..

The doves were kissing and necking – so sweet!

That’s all folkss





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