Hi everyone

In England it is our August Bank Holiday, so 4 days off work.  For the school children it signifies the holidays’ are about to end and school will start.

On to other things, the garden is looking good, but the Bank holiday weather is looking to be a scorcher. (29 – 31 degrees C) – so I have taken some pictures of different flowers before they wilt in the heat.

Firstly the little Patio Dahlia that my husband bought at a local supermarket.  All of a sudden it developed a ring of flowers and just by chance it is the same colour as the one in the chimney pot at our back door.

patio dahlia

There are geraniums planted around the bottom of the pot on our little front garden

front garden

My husband loves his lawns.

Next I photographed the beautiful hibiscus flowers that look so delicate but such a beautiful shade of pink.  Shocking I think.

Sitting down with a cup of tea after doing the weekly grocery shop, a friendly bee kept visiting the fuschia plant so I tried to capture it collecting the nectar.  They have all been white bummed bees – no yellow bums which is a little worrying.  I love how on one plant you get so many different shades of flower as they open out and then go through the process of dying changing colours deeper and deeper.

bee on fuschia

Well that’s all folks for now on the garden.

Thanks for reading.





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