Dove story – a small monolgue

Hi Everyone

This is just for fun – does anyone remember Johnny Morris- who used to do a talk over with animals.  Well this is my version

We have two ring necked doves who frequent our garden and have laid eggs these past two years successfully raising one chick and unfortunately losing their baby earlier this year.  I have named these birds Romeo and Juliet as they continually coo to each other.

Today, Romeo was very brave and came quite close – within a metre of us to feed from the little bowl we put out

dove feeding 1

His mate Juliet is not so brave so we moved the bowl further away

dove story 1

but she quickly changed her mind and went to the water  in the little pond and to our surprise jumped in getting her tail and bum feathers wet.  Her mate went wandering over to see what she was about (didn’t notice the blackbird come scurrying down the garden for the food) ……….

dove story 2

“What are you doing, Juliet” “Bathing” she replied dunking her head and giving it a shake.  “Do you mind if I drink your bath water darling?”, he quizzed.  “No feel free, my love”, she responded dunking her head and splashing about then she quickly jumped out, and leaving footprints all over the patio went back to the food tray and then up the garden squatted down to sunbathe. ………what a life!

dove story 5

dove story 7

The End.







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