Sunny Saturday Morning in the garden

Hi Everyone

This is quite a picture heavy post but none the less interesting with several subjects.

The doves have made a nest in the cherry tree …. Juliet on her nest.

dove nest in cherry tree august 2019

and whilst I was in her area and not wanting to scare her off I quickly took a photo of the gorgeous yellow begonias and managed to capture a sunbeam


me thinks the only gold is the colour of the flower.

Next I took pictures of the maple tree and pieris which keep on producing flowers and more leaves in a beautiful burnished orange/burgundy colour (Maple tree) and loads of flowers ready  for over wintering on the Pieris Forest flame.

Finally I took some pictures of the oak tree in its new pot.  Cutting its roots off when we replanted doesn’t seem to have harmed the tree and it has acorns in abundance.

then I took some pictures of flowers mingled in with the fern fronds – it almost looks like a jungle in miniature …….

fern and lobelia

lobelia, rhododendron, and fern fronds

fuschia white

white fuchsia and ferns.

Last but not least more fuchsia, pink and purple variety.  Is it me! or does this not remind anyone else of the Little Swans dance in Swan Lake. (I know there are normally four dancers but just use your imagination as they dance delicately across the stage.)

fuschia 3

Final picture for this post

fushcia 4


Bye for now




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