Birthday wishes and sewing

Hi Everybody

Today is my Birthday and what a glorious sunny day it is (well in Bedfordshire it is).


This  is part of my present from my husband, as seen in a previous post he bought me some boots and one day this week, as I am not at work, we are visiting Gunns Bakery to sample a Bedfordshire Clanger.  For those who do not know what I mean it is basically a pie with a meat or vegetable filling in one end and your pudding in the other.  Traditionally a food that farm workers would have and very similar to a Cornish Pasty.

On the sewing front, I have half sewn the white border between the Autumn and Winter Seasonal Quilt (no picture) and have been sewing Audrey in the evenings.

This is where I was …….

August 25th 2019

and this is where I am now ……


Well that is all my news so far this week – I’m sure that I will proceed with vigour and determination in my time off work.  Hopefully will also have more time to read and drink tea.

Bye for now



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