Birthday outing

Hi Everybody

Well you might be aware that it was my birthday on Sunday and today to celebrate we visited Gunns Bakery( which is celebrating 50 years) in Sandy, Beds where they make the Bedfordshire Clanger – a suet pastry crust filled with a meat or veg. dish at one end and your pudding in the other (I chose Gammon, Potato and Onion and Roasted Apple  – which was the traditional one – and my husband had Beef steak and Potato with Rhubarb and Custard).  They were smaller than I thought but so so tasty.  Definitely recommend a visit if you are down this way anytime.  Mr Gunn personally served us and he was so polite and attentive and we had a little chat with him only to find out that his wife originated from the village where we live.  Such a small world.

Settling down back at home, my husband was trying to have a rest and I was attempting to sew my quilt when a helicopter appeared and landed in the field at the rear of our garden.  Now it was very strange because the field had been left fallow for a few years – I mean the grass was 4ft high at least and the owner yesterday and this morning flattened it down and removed any small shrub that had took up residence.  Then this afternoon this happened – now I don’t know whether it was serious or whether it was training (must watch local news tonight).


The crew got out – took of helmets, leaving them on the ground and loaded their packs on backs and walked down the lane at the back of our property.  It all looked very official and real.  Yes it was the East Anglian Air Ambulance



A little while later the pilots got out (sadly not Prince William) and walked down the lane.

Ten minutes passed – pilots returned but not rest of crew –  started helicopter up and left amidst tremendous noise and dust/grass everywhere.





Hoping it wasn’t anything too serious.

Well that is my excitement for the day.  What have you been up to?






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