Sunday September Sewing

Hi Everybody

As you may be aware I have been off work having a staycation which has enabled me to progress with my many sewing projects.  In a previous post I showed you my Seasonal Quilt top which is finished apart from borders, but I have also been working on my Scrappy Quilt and have partially sewn the blue hexagon …..

blue hexagon almost complete

As you can see it is sewn around the hexagons and diamonds but not the half hexagons.  It was very  tricky to get the points correct but I am quite pleased with it.  I am learning so much.  I have several hexagons ready and some squares but no idea at present how it will all come together – exciting!  I’m not even sure what background colour to use as there is so much colour in the various blocks.  Choices, choices!!!

I have also been busy with Audrey and her dress is coming along nicely so hopefully next Sunday I will have decent progress to show you .

Happy sewing everyone and bye for now




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