Birthday Books

Hi Everyone

As one of Birthday Gifts was a Book Voucher then Sunday was the perfect day to visit the bookshop.   I seem to be on a roll of reading books about walks and other factors when you are out and about in the countryside.  So here are the books I purchased…..

birthday books

I haven’t read of these authors before – has anybody read these books?  I am sure that I saw a tiny snatch of Simon Reeve on the television but didn’t watch the programme.  They are added to my pile and I will plough my way through them.

What are you reading at the moment?  What do you do with books you have read but are not intending to keep.? I know some are cherished and will be re-read so many times that the corners become dog-eared, whilst others are discarded in some way.  Do schools want books for pleasure reading?  Do retirement homes need books – do they have libraries?  Our second hand bookshop in town has gone now so I need to find another outlet for my not so cherished books.  Any ideas?  I do not even think there is a second-hand book stall on the market.

Another question – are you a turn down corner of the page reader or do you always use a book-mark?  I confess to doing both.

Well that’s all for now – see you again at the weekend as I am at work all week.





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