The week that wasn’t!!!

Hi everyone,

That probably sounds more cheerful than I have felt all week as I had a blinder of a migraine.  Sparing you the details – laid up in bed for 2 whole days, then just resting for 2 days – feels like I loose hours of my life.

Anyway enough of that, as I slowly got better (Friday), I managed to create some more hand sewn patchwork for my scrappy quilt which I have now decided to lay out in a  “?”  shape and entitle it as Mother Nature’s Evolution.  Details will follow when my head is in a better space.  Here is what I made …

stars and hexagons

I think I need to look up on how to applique next – also trying to think what backing colour to use – is cream ok?  or maybe light blue?  Too much thought not enough brain power at the moment.

Non sewing stuff – I plucked the Aubergine – so proud it grew – shame to eat it really – but looking forward to home grown vegetable.

aubergine the 1st

Bye for now.




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