Sunday Sewing

Hi Everybody

I am feeling much better and on the sewing front I achieved some sewing on Audrey and completed the blue hexagon which is to be part of my Scrappy Mother Nature Quilt.

Here is where I was at on the 1st September ……

1st Sept 2019

Here is where  I am now on 15th September

15th Sept 2019

I was trying to find some inspiration of how to border my hexagonal Seasonal Quilt and have ordered some more white hexagons and some plain solids in the four colours that make up the central part of the quilt, with a mind to placing one colour in between white ones down each side of quilt and making a pinwheel design in the colours at the corners. Hopefully, it will not detract from the original design, we will have to wait and see.

Well that is all for this post, take a look at the other posts from today for Hetty and the Garden.






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