September in the Garden

Hi all

The garden is still looking pretty but things are beginning to turn autumnal (I like that word).  The burnished leaves of the Maple Tree start to turn coppery colours.  I was wondering does anybody know whether you can get the sap out of the tree that is actually maple syrup??  I’m sure I saw someone drill a hole in a tree and hang a container downwards to collect the syrup on a TV programme a long time ago.

The patio Sunflower has produced smaller and smaller flowers and the leaves are slowly dying.  The dahlias are still standing tall and one stands out from the rest


Proud to be different!!!!!!!

The insect life and bird life are still thriving though.  The Ring Necked Dove’s have made a nest in our cherry tree and yesterday I managed to get a photo of the little baby – he is just at the front of his parents breast and I think the half of eggshell is to the right of her.  Didn’t want to get to close.

baby dove 1

By the way, I have names prepared.  As I call the doves Romeo and Juliet, I have decided on Leonora for a girl and Federico for a boy. (Mad woman I hear you say).  This pair had a boy last year which I called Martino.  I only know the sex when they have grown as the females have a smaller head and less markings.

Also we had a visit from this little Red Darter Dragonfly, pictures do not do it justice, which I think is a male.  It seemed to keep darting at the lawn which is probably where it gets the name from.

dragonfly 1

(t is cleverly disguised is it not.  Just off centre head facing north easterly.)  Wings not visible.  About 2 1/2″ long.

dragonfly 2

That is all for now, thanks for reading




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