Hetty’s Birdy Bytes

Hello Everybirdybody,

What can I say – I had the unexpected pleasure of the company of my human mummy for an extra 4 days though to be fair she was in her bed in the other room – I squawked for her but she didn’t come to me so I was quiet as she must be ill.

However, she had promised me another cage revamp as I make quite a mess what with my shredding habit, destroying the toys she provides for my amusement.  So here are the samples she has created with the intention of removing the snuggly that I haven’t taken too.  (Other birds love them – she protests)

revamped toys sept

cage sept 2019 before

Hetty has wrecked the mirror and pulled the bell off the bottom (vandal)

Doesn’t like the green snuggly – never been in it.

So  – new swing toy with chewable parts which I have added as she destroyed the original parts.  Two newly revamped wooden toys with bells on (wooden parts from Northern Parrots).  They will not last long!! He! He!

Oh dear – after all her kindness I am in her bad books – whilst snuggling I got moody and pecked her fingers quite harshly –  don’t know why just did.

Preening myself quietly.  Bad Bird!!


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