Sunday Sewing – SAL Update

Hi everybody
Firstly thank you Avis for allowing me to join and for Claire for asking me.  My name is Susan but I use my nick name for my blog – Daisy.
I have just joined this SAL so I look forward to many happy Sunday SAL’s with you all.
Just a little bit about me – I am an avid cross stitch fan as you will see by my blog and I love Blackwork which I hope to do more of in the future.  I can knit – just the basics really but I cannot crochet.  I have a Meyer’s Parrot called Hetty who sits with me in my sewing room, sometimes quietly sometime distractingly noisy.
I have also recently tried my hand at patchwork quilting and it is this that I am going to choose for my project in this SAL.  I had loads of ideas and bought the fabric to make them – originally machine sewn, some have the top part completed ie my Bee Quilt and my Pirate Quilt.  I have five more already cut out – I am afraid that I do dabble in more than one project at a time so maybe doing this SAL will help keep my focus on one project at least.

This is the Bee Quilt (my design) -with a removable bee cross stitch (not my design) as the centre piece.

This is the Pirate Quilt
finished top sheet
Then I thought that I would try my at a hand sewn hexagon styled quilt which I called My Seasonal Quilt.  I have designed my own pattern and the centre piece is already complete.
This is the SAL Project
finished 2
At present I am preparing/basting some white hexagons to make a border around this and then I have to work on the border section.  I may ask lots of questions so be warned!
Well that is all for this week, please trot along and see what the other members have been up to.

23 thoughts on “Sunday Sewing – SAL Update

  1. welcome to the SAL Susan, or do you prefer Daisy?
    Great idea to work on your seasonal hexie patchwork project for the SAL . . . hand sewing always takes time and needs encouraging!


      1. you’ll find a lot of the SAL members also do patchwork, even if most are working on xstitch for their SAL projects.


  2. Welcome to the SAL I am a hand quilter and actually participate in a hand quilting group hosted by Kathy in this SAL. You may want to join that too 🙂 if your hand quilting this beauty. Either ~ Or it makes no difference, love having you aboard Daisy 🙂 Sharon


  3. Hi Daisy, Welcome to the SAL. You’ve got some lovely patchwork projects! Looking forward to seeing your hexagons grow 🙂 Let me know if you’d like your link changed to Daisy and I’ll update the list when I send out the reminders next time.


  4. Welcome to the SAL Daisy! I love the way you have arranged your hexies for this quilt, as well as the Audrey HEpburn cross stitch, which looks like a photograph! I missed Avis’ email somehow and didn’t get you added, but I definitely will by next time!


  5. Hi Daisy! Belated welcome to the Stitch-a-Long! Your patchwork projects look lovely — and I’m sure you’ll find this SAL both inspiring and motivating. (Plenty of us get a lot of stitching done just so we have something to post!)


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