Hetty on Sunday

Well hello everybody

Long time on see.  As you might have guessed this  is Hetty the adorable  Meyer’s Parrot of Daisy with whom you communicate (that is a long word for a little birdy like me) about sewing.

I have been a very good bird these past two weeks but mummy has been busy sewing and visiting her step daughter and husband.  Also I think she is rather concerned with her husband (who comes to play with me during the week when mummy is at work), who is not feeling too clever these past two months.  I didn’t like the fireworks last night too loud and went on too long.  I girl has got to have her beauty sleep don’t you agree?

However, today I am out receiving lots of head scratching and cuddles from mummy

Sunday 2nd Nov 2019

Sunday 2nd Nov 2019 1

and I had a lovely time flying around. 

Life is great as a parrot.

Well that is all for now, I am going to watch mummy fix one of my toys.

Love and pecks





3 thoughts on “Hetty on Sunday

  1. Your Audrey piece is amazing and I love the perfectly sewn hexies too. I also found this post amusing. Thanks for sharing!


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