SAL Update – Cornered

Hi Everybody

Well I have made fair progress on my patchwork quilt.  I have sewn all the corner pieces and the borders are prepared and half of the spring border is attached to the main body.  The photos will demonstrate better.  It is quite nice sewing this quilt now the colder weather has set in.  Sorry the photos are a little blurry.

corner 4

These are my four corners.

This is a rough layout of how it will look, obviously I need to make some more white hexagons and some edging shapes.   The half green border is now attached and the other half is all sewn together ready to be attached.

border - spring

That is it for this SAL post, now pop along to the other members who are all stitching their own individual projects.

If you want to join then just contact Avis  – the first name in the link below.

Happy sewing everyone.


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