Sewing Sunday Jan 2020


Aside from my other posts about my hand sewn quilt I have also been busy stitching the dream catcher cross stitch and this is where I was at the end of last year ……

dreamcatcher with bead jan 2020

This is the progress I have made so far this year …….

dreamcatcher with bead jan 11th 2020

The initial letters are supposed to be filled in with blue but I quite like them as they are now.  Just a few bits to sew then it is time to attach the beads.  This is looking like the first finish of this year.

Bye for now




3 thoughts on “Sewing Sunday Jan 2020

  1. HI~ who doesn’t love a dream catcher and your cross stitching is gorgeous!!!! I know a few will chime in on your quilting question. I think it all depends on the look your going for – a lot of poof or a little poof – lol – and then there’s the thickness of the batting that adds to the look. Oh heck, I’ll let some others chime in on this but bottom line – I know it’s going to turn out great. Your doing a wonderful job with this 🙂 Sharon


  2. That is beautiful! I like the initials as is, too. I always admire things from an art form I don’t do, but even so, I think this is particularly nice. It still seems funny to hear 2019 referred to as last year. I guess I’m not mentally transitioned yet!


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