New Year brings new beginnings

As well as continuing with my hand sewn quilt, I have decided to maybe try some smaller items so I can practise quilting.  In that vein I have started two new projects, (I know I am hopeless at working on one thing at a time), the first photograph shows some blocks in the style of Rose Windows I think (please correct me if I am wrong).

I am hooked on hand sewing these little shapes, it is very relaxing and I can sew them during my lunch break at paid work

new patchwork 2

I am looking at making these into place mats or as a table runner.

The second project is very bold and colourful, I have called them my Psychedelic Sunflowers and the intention is to make a small quilt by applique the flowers onto a white background, giving  them a stem and leaves. Or as I am apt to change my mind, to make them into 9″ blocks and sew on to a cushion front.

new patchwork

I love how the coiled centres look 3D almost or is it just playing games with my eyes?

The only other sewing I have been doing whilst watching some TV is the backstitching on my Dreamcatcher cross stitch.  Backstitching can be annoying and slow but it is very effective.  Here is a before and after

dreamcatcher no backstitch

dreamcatcher with backstitch

It really makes the colours bloom and the bead effect is more defined.  I have yet to sew any beads on and there are little bits of cross stitching still to do.

Well that is all folks.  Happy stitching!





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