Sewing Sunday End of Jan

Hi everybody

My how time flies, Christmas seems ages ago!

Well I have been busy sewing both on my SAL Hexagon patchwork and with my other projects.

Firstly my Dream Catcher Cross stitch – I have finished the back stitching and have started putting the beads on but I am not sure about the quantity as I think it distracts from the colourful cross stitching.   Any opinions invited as I do not know whether to proceed with beads or not.


IMG-3052 (2)


dreamcatcher with backstitch

Can anyone see what I mean?

Secondly, I have been playing with my very colourful fabric and have decided to call them my Psychedelic Dahlias and have ordered more honeycomb paper templates to make the leaves and some rectangles to make the stem.  The material is cut out ready to go.


It looks a bit basic but the general idea is visible.

Thirdly, I have been cutting out material for the Rose Window Quilt, which is the bit i like best, chosing the materials which will compliment each other and then cutting out the desired shapes.  No photos for this bit

Well that is me done for this post, what have you been sewing or preparing?

Love Daisy





8 thoughts on “Sewing Sunday End of Jan

  1. The question seems to be …to bead or not to bead ? I like both looks 🙂 oh goodness that doesn’t help. I tend to go no bead but that turquoise beading really is gorgeous! I like the psychedelic flowers – great name for them 🙂


  2. I think I’d have to see this in person as it were but it looks just beautiful the way it is. Those beads are so pretty, I could certainly be tempted to use them. Meanwhile, Love your flowers in fabric…so colourful and cheery. Happy Stitching.


  3. Wow! Every form of art requires its own master, and you’ve got it “stitched up”! 😉 Your work is intricate and beautiful and your patience is a virtue! Beads or not, I like them both!


  4. Your Dream Catcher is gorgeous as it is! That being said, I do love the pop of color the beads add. I think it’s a personal choice. Happy Stitching!


  5. The dahlias are beautiful! As for the beads on your cross stitch, I’m no help — I think it’s beautiful without them, but they’ll also add some texture if you put them on. Avis’s idea of using French knots instead is a great compromise!


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