Hetty Fun Sunday in February

Hello Hetty Here

I have just had the most fun with my human, rearranging her damp hair and hiding from her husband when he came home.  (I don’t know why she hid as normally she bob up and down with delight but when I walked out onto the landing she ran from my shoulder behind my hair and stayed there.  I though she might even fly downstairs but no!)  Oh for the love of birds!!

I have been shredding the new toy that was part of my Christmas haul, here is a picture of when it was newpresents

It is the top colourful one and I can safely say that I have chewed the large blocks and slats of wood off at least one of the strings.  I do love a good chew!

Apart from that I had snuggles with mum – photos say it all – mummy told me off for putting tongue out he!he!

And finally getting head scratches whilst on mummy’s very comfy lap.


Doesn’t my crown of feathers shine in the sunlight.  I’m being vain again

Best go

Love Hetty



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