A Murder arrives ……..


No this is not a murder mystery story as such but more a play on words.  I had been off ill with the terrible cold that is doing the rounds and noticed something happening outside.

One must consider what the actual title means

Murder according to the dictionary  is primarily  “a criminal act normally violent and premeditated against another person.”

But there is another type of “murder” and it is not grisly or premeditated, in fact it is perfectly natural.  (Does anybody have a clue yet).

Here are some photos to help ……………. da da dah!!!!!!

crows 2

Yes – it is a Murder of Crows

They appeared all of a sudden – perhaps about 23 of them – strange as I thought Crows were quite solitary birds but maybe I am wrong.  Amusing to watch – it was a though someone was pulling a string because as they “crowed” the head goes down and the tail spreads out.  I’m sure Mr Attenborough can explain it better.  Nonetheless amusing.

There was one bird who remained apart

crows 3

They stayed for half an hour some flying from one tree to the other

Does anybody have a clue as to why they suddenly appeared and then disappeared?  It was a lovely day and all birds had been active searching for food.

Bye for now.





One thought on “A Murder arrives ……..

  1. I suppose if the collective noun for a group of crows exists, that crows aren’t solitary birds lol. We have lots of crows in our neck of the woods, usually making a racket and warding off the magpies who also like to nest in the local trees.


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