Sewing Sunday – February


If you read my previous post you will know that I have been ill this past week and had to stay in the warm, so after a couple of days when I could not focus or concentrate on anything I have managed to do some sewing.

In no particular order of preference

Cross Stitch 1 – Teacups

I have made good progress on this as I stitch whilst watching TV in the evenings – we end up watching repeats of programmes we like so it is easy for me to stitch and listen because I have quite a good memory so know what is going to happen, whereas my husband is beginning to lose his memory so enjoys watching them again.  It works for us and everybody is content.

By the way, thank you to everyone who sent kind wishes for my husband after his small procedure.  Everything went according to plan and he is much better.

Here is the start

new start cups 1

Here is where i am now

Teacups 1

The Robin Table Runner

I have also done a little of this mainly to see if it would fit on as expected.

The start

new start 2 robin table runner

Here is where i am now

robin runner 1

I am quite pleased with how it is emerging.

On the patchwork side of things I have stitched the two bottom borders of my SAL together – no picture as I am saving that for the SAL.

Rose Window Quilt

Also I have cut out loads more patches for the Rose Window Design – I love choosing which fabrics will blend together or even standout but in a good way.  Here are some of the colour ideas I have at the moment – some may be altered in the future depending on how it all goes together.



Psychedelic Dahlias

I have yet to sort out the stem on this design and I also have a question how do you applique the design onto a background fabric and remove the cardboard templates?  My understanding is that the cardboard templates do not get removed until all side are stitched.

Here is how I would like the design to look

Psychedlic Dahlias design 1

Quite quirky – n’est pas!!

Small Cushion idea

Last project – to make a small cushion using some of the Christmas Present I received from my penpal (many thanks to Emma @emma’scraftprojects)



And that ends this post and you can see I made good use of my sickness time at home (when it permitted).  I did stab myself twice with the needle when I sneezed abruptly.




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