Well I have finished my snowmen panel which is to be hung in the window of my room. I was mainly stitching this as a trial to find out how my hand-stitching would look when I start my Seasonal Quilt. I’m quite please although sometimes my stitches were irregular in length. Practice makes perfect after all!!!!

Here are some pictures showcasing various aspects (sorry about the lighting and grainy effect) it is not a bright day here in Blighty we have a blanket of thick fog outside.

As you can see I have highlighted specific items with metallic thread. I think the hardest decision is when to stop and not overdo the titivating.

The back of the design is red polka dot fleece material and when hung in the window shines through to the front design creating a warm glowing effect as below.

Well now I have to finish off the table runner that I started ages ago (UFO). Pictures in a later post.

Bye for now



5 thoughts on “Snowmen

  1. Congratulations on your finish! Your snowman is sooo cute and the stitching is perfect. I love how the dots shine through as if there are Christmas lights attached.


  2. How nice of you to pay a visit for the 80th birthday! Not at all how she expected to be celebrating, but at least a visit from friends. This is a busy time of year, and you DO have two blocks and the snowman!


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