HQAL – 13th December 2020

Hello Everybody

As in another post I mentioned that I have finished my practice session on the Snowmen Panel and it is hanging in the window as we converse.

Apart from that I have only managed to sew together a couple of the Rose Window Quilt Blocks whilst at work during my lunch break but it is all getting very busy. We have just visited some friends but remained outside and kept it short as the weather is inclement today and as it was to be the lady’s 80th birthday we didn’t want them to get cold.

Well here are the blocks (apologies about the grainy fuzzy photos), blocks 1 and 2 of Row 10. Not far to the end of this quilt top.

Well that is me – why not pop along and see what other creatives are happening. I’m sure there are lots of Christmassy things being created that cannot be viewed yet.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and hopefully 2021 will be the start of something better.




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