Spring Garden and Sewing

Hello Everyone

I am now in isolation as preparation for my Husband’s operation. At the same time my left shoulder has flared up with Bursitis and is preventing me from doing any heavy or weighty sewing. So I can only sew small things – luckily I had cut out loads of 1 1/2″ squares ready for another hand sewn EPP Quilt. I have also started to sew together My “Ring of Rose” hexagonal quilt – if that gets too heavy then perhaps I’ll start a small cross stitch.

Here is a photo of how that looks:

One thing that is easy to do is take photos using my Ipad so here are some pictures of our blossoming garden

Above a small gathering of daffodils with the Campanula shooting behind, in the middle is our new plant Hecheura with pink flower stalks and on the right white hyacinths.

Well that is all from me for now!




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