Sewing – Happy Easter 2021

Good Morning Everybody

Hope you are all enjoying a little rest and whiling away the hours with beautiful sewing projects.

As usual I could not help but start a new project whilst also sewing together the Rose Window Quilt. both projects are light and easy to hold without straining my shoulder. I have managed to sew 2 rows, it’s quite hard getting the seams to match, but practice makes perfect, so they say.

The new project is Daybreak and I purchased a jelly roll and a 5″ charm pack of the same name by 3 Sisters at Moda Fabrics. Here are some pictures, there are 2 blocks of 15″ x 9″ and a centre piece which finishes at 9″ square. The other squares (all 1 1/2″) are not complete yet and I have not designed how the blocks will look. It is a work in progress and since taking the photos I have completed the dark block. At the moment the quilt will finish at 39″ x 24″ without a border but knowing me I will change my mind.

Well that’s all for now,



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