SAL – Sunday 13th March 2022

Hello Everybody,

As some of you know from a previous post I have completed Lady Greensleeves, hooray, hooray a happy dance day.

I first blogged about this project in March 2017, and 4 years later (that is what a WIP is), 61,600 stitches later on the 4th March 2022 it is complete. I keep gazing at the finished piece – in awe of how beautiful it really is. (Sorry if that sounds like blowing me own trumpet.)

Well I have chosen my new project, again it is rather large and it is Modern Folk Embroidery’s “The Fruit of Plenty” designed by Jacob de Graaf as a SAL last year but I just paid for the downloads so I could stitch within my own time schedule. Jacob showed his design in two shades of blue but I have chosen two shades of purple DMC as my main colours accentuated with black for the birds and squirrels and a dark green shade for the twiggy bits in the design.

Deep Purple shade 3837; Lilac Shade 554; Black 310; Deep Green 319.

Well lets show some some pictures of my start ……..

Well that is me for this week – so please take a peek at what the other members of this sewing group have achieved on their various projects.




9 thoughts on “SAL – Sunday 13th March 2022

  1. Oh my, Lady Greensleeves is gorgeous. Yes, that was a big variety of greens! I adore your new project and the color changes you are making. Purple is one of my favorite colors. You stitching is very pretty.


    1. Green is my favourite colour followed by purple so a change but not out of my favourite spectrum. This looks less intense than Lady Greensleeves, and like I said at my own pace and not rushing for a SAL.


  2. This is going to be a beauty! Such a happy day to finish Lady Greensleeves. Will you frame her yourself, send it out, or do something completely different with her?


  3. Lady Greensleeves is gorgeous! Well done on finally getting it finished. I finished a quilt this week that I started over 20 years ago. Shame on me LOL. My favourite colour is purple and my favourite colour combo is purple and green. I know I’m going to love your new project.


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