Sewing Saturday

Hi Everyone

I know it it unusual to here from me on a Saturday but I wanted to show you what I had achieved this past week – although two days have been lost to a migraine attack with a very disturbing addition of feeling faint. However, I have recovered and stitched a lot of different items, so in no particular order

Some stitching on the Flower Fairy Quilt … actual colour is green and pink background to the fairies. This was the more relaxing item to stitch.

Some stitching on Sophia Loren …. the black section is part of her hair. I can feel her eyes following me as I stitch.

The Stag Quilt has also progressed ..

Two rows are complete with additional side block panel in the first photo and various blocks in varying stages of completion in the second photo.

Well thanks for popping by and take care.



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