Garden View and Quilts

Well as I have been off ill from paid work, the opportunity to sit and watch the garden in the spring sunshine was one not to pass up as Mrs Blackbird is fervently building her nest. To my dismay, she arrived on her second forage with a piece of plastic and before I reached the door ( not very speedy on one crutch), she was in the nest area in the Choisia. Why we leave plastic lying around I do not know! A few minutes later she left and Mr Blackbird arrived, he isn’t helping with the nest building but he dived straight in and to my delight had the plastic in his beak and promptly flew off with it. Mrs Blackbird arrived with several long pieces of grass and shrubbery. She didn’t seem to notice that the plastic was missing and there was no screeching at the husband so his good deed passes without remark.

I have also managed a little sewing between the coughing fits and headaches – so do you remember this

Well it is now hand quilted – I didn’t really have a plan but decided to stitch closely to the seams making complete squares of the central designs and then a concentric square around that. Photos show it best. I chose three different threads Aurifil No. 2312 a light beige, Aurifil thread 2318 a golden colour and Aurifil variegated thread 4668.

The backing fabric is from “Folklore” Moda fabrics.

Well that is all for now.

Daisy x


2 thoughts on “Garden View and Quilts

    1. Thank you – I am much better now and returning to work tomorrow. Been quite a struggle regaining my energy, but have sat in some warm spring sunshine today and it always make you feel better.


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