HQAL – Sunday 10th April 22

Hi Everyody

Feeling much better now and have been sewing my Nashville Quilt. I need so many little 1.5″ squares in black and ivory. I’ve also had a problem with one of the blocks already made but I have re-jigged how the quilt will look and that has solved the problem. So much mathematics – you need a degree to work it out sometimes. I much prefer language to maths anyday.

Well enough of that – here are the photos

I have sewn the two silhouettes together and they make 15″ which is good and then the strap line “Spirit of Nashville” will sit as shown but needs an inch either end and then that leaves me with 12″ divided by 2. Perfect! The area above will be 1.5″ black squares and then according to my original projections I think that 2 rows of black 1.5″ squares are required underneath.

On the middle section I have sewn loads of ivory squares together in strips and attached them to the chair sections. I thought it would look too pale so decided to fussy cut the star and make that the centre of the dance floor. At the moment it measures 9″ square and my feeling is to sew two more rounds giving me a 15″ square, the next row to be in red 18″ square, and then ivory making it 21″ square.

Lets hope that all works out otherwise back to the drawing board.

Bye for now


Now why not pop along to the other members to see how they have progressed on their individual projects.

KathyMargaretDebNanetteSharonKarrinDaisy and Theresa


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