SAL – 15th May 2022

Hello Everybody

Those 3 weeks have flown by again but I have managed to sew quite a bit on my Fruits of Plenty by Modern Folk Embroidery. In fact I have completed January section and at the moment I have decided not to sew all the little stars and flower designs – making it look cleaner and more vivid. What do you think? Things may change but that is my decision at the moment. The original design was created with only 2 colours but I have chosen 2 main colours in purple/lilac and then some ascents in black and green. My intention in this second section is to do the crown in black with green gemstones (ie. Emeralds and the two birds in black).

Well this is where I was last time ……

And this is where I am now …….

The only bit I am uncertain about is whether to leave the date as it is or to fill in with black. The same would need to happen with the initials in a later part. Again what do you think?

Well that is me – so why not grab a cuppa and peruse the other members in the the list below to see their progress on their individual projects.



6 thoughts on “SAL – 15th May 2022

  1. Fantastic progress! The good thing about this type of design is that there’s so much choice about how to make it your own. I love your colour choices so I know it’ll turn out gorgeous no matter how much you stitch or omit.


  2. You have made great progress and I like your floss choices. I think I would leave the date as is. Otherwise I think it might take away from the other motifs while here it fades into the background a little bit.


  3. I love the purple contrast and the black birds! I personally like the flowers around the heart, but I’m sure whatever you decide will look great!


  4. I am in agreement with Cathie J – if you fill in the date black it may become more of a focal point and take away from the gorgeous pattern. Love the colors and I think introducing some green may be ok


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