Thursday Titbits

Hi everyone

I have had a break from garden duties and painting the house (we still have wooden windows), therefore it has been filled with stitching and I have turned my sights to another piece that sits staring at me willing me to pick it up again.

This was originally going to be a cushion but I have changed my mind and made it into a small hanging quilt or a table top cover. I have sewed the 4 corners in place and chosen a backing and used up 2 scraps of batting using herringbone stitch to join them.

Also chosen the cotton to quilt with – Red shade 2230 Aurifil 50 weight and Turquoise shade 2835 Aurifil 50 weight. I am stitching close to the seams in each 1 1/2″ red square in the border area. Also going to stitch a rib design around the edge. Middle section still under consideration.

Well that is me on the sewing front.

Breaking news!

The blackbirds have fledged – 1 disastrously drowned in the pond but other bird okay flown over back hedge. (Resulting in the newt disappearing and all the eggs have been scattered). Sad!

Robins have fledged this morning – such a cute fluff ball. I think there are two but only spotted 1 flying across garden and then guided by parent back to nesting tree.

The Wren was collecting food as well so looks good on that front.

Hetty is 16 years old as of Sunday – Happy Birdday Hetty!!!! I have a new toy but not changed her cage yet.

Bye for now.



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