Sewing Saturday

Hi Everybody

Slightly unusual for me but I have achieved quite a bit of sewing recently so an extra blog was due. I am still working on Sophia Loren, mainly during the evenings whilst the television is on. She requires quite a bit of concentration though as colours are similar and the symbols are very close in appearance.

Here is where I was last time …….

Here is where I am now …..

Also been working on my “Memoirs” quilt which I am thoroughly enjoying. Again it is made in the majority with 1 1/2″ squares and a layer cake. And I had just arranged the below layout when the doorbell chimed and the fabric I ordered for the border with the quotation and the backing fabric arrived. Perfect!

OOPs – the stripe blocks are in the wrong places -swap top left for bottom right and top right for bottom left – sorry.

Strangely coincidental this backing is called Memories. Has anyone ever used the type of Aida that you stitch and then soak it away leaving just your handiwork. I think DMC do something called Magicsheet. Time to Google it I think

The other item which has taken up my time is the table coverlet about Sewing. I have been quilting the centre using the spaced lines on the material image and sewed around all the red 1 1/2″ squares (there is that size again). I also intend to sew the outside border in a rib design. I haven’t put any quilting in the orange gingham as it looks too busy.

Not quite sure why it is so wrinkly! Am I doing something wrong? Or does it just need a iron over it?

I have also worked quite diligently on my two SAL projects but that is for another post.

Well that is me for now.

Daisy x


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