Fabric Friday Frolics

I’ve had a “me” day today, and have filled my time so far with preparing a new project – part of the long stitch project – Summer. This should stitch up quite quickly.

Secondly I started to cut up the parrot design for the “I Love Parrots” quilt and have decided that I need some different fabric to go with it – possibly some batiks – so that has ground to a halt. This will a very brightly coloured quilt.

Thirdly, I put some stitches into my HQAL project – more of that on Sunday.

Fourthly, I stitched another round onto “Ring a Roses” quilt (goes back a little bit – UFO status I think) but hey! I put some work in on it.

Last but not least, I stitched 2 more blocks for my “Gail Pan Honey Bee Quilt”, I really love this design.

Well that is all, thanks for viewing.

Daisy x


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