SAL – Sunday 5th June 2022

Hello everybody

I have been busy sewing lots of different projects and have made fair progress with “Fruits of Plenty” by Jacob de Graaf of Modern Folk Embroidery. So without further ado here is where I was last time ……..

And here is where I am now

I’m so glad that I chose to work in shades of Purple and whilst it looks intricate in some areas it is quite quick to sew, not having all the colour changes as in some projects.

So that is me for this week, hope you enjoy any celebrations that you might be involved in this Jubilee weekend.

Please take time to look at the other projects in our sewing group by clicking on the names below.





10 thoughts on “SAL – Sunday 5th June 2022

  1. I like projects that don’t have a lot of color changes. They seem to stitch up so much quicker. This piece is so pretty. You have made a whole lot of progress.

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  2. (thought I’d left a comment earlier, but obviously not) . . . looking very pretty, and the colour choice is very effective.


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