SAL – 17th July 2022

Hello Everybody

Hope you are all managing with the hot spells of weather, I seem to suffer a huge migraine attack as the hot spell arrives (must be close to Mother Nature – pressure goes up outside and my body pressure goes up as well). Does anyone believe in Spontaneous Combustion?

So due to this attack I have achieved as much as I would have liked.

Here is where I was last time …….

And here is where I am now ……

So that is me – why not grab something cold and refreshing and take a look at the other projects our members are working on.

Daisy x



9 thoughts on “SAL – 17th July 2022

  1. I don’t like anything over 20 degrees so the heatwave is unwelcome here. Sorry but I laughed out loud at your spontaneous combustion question. It’s not really funny is it? The stitching is looking great btw 🙂


  2. The heat gives me headaches from time to time. Hope your migraines stay away! The cool colors are helpful 💜


  3. Migraines make stitching very difficult. When I used to get them I had to stay in a darkened room with my eyes closed. I really like this pretty piece.


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