Sewing Sunday and Cuddles with Hetty

Hello Everybody

I hope you are well. Firstly we will start with the sewing as I have been beavering away at my Parrot Quilt Top to the point where I will be sewing it together.

Here is a picture of a very nearly happy dance before quilting it begins ….

My husband gave me a huge compliment saying “it was the best I had done to date.” I haven’t thought about the quilting design at all for this. It is certainly the brightest colour palette I have used and my first involving Batik fabric. (It will not be my last – I like that Batik fabrics do not fray like ordinary cotton does.)

Secondly, I have been sewing the cross stitch of Sophia under the watchful eye of my husband who gazes at her fondly. I do not have an up to date photo as she is downstairs and my husband is resting.

Last but not least, me and Hetty have had cuddles. The hot spell has been quite exhausting for her, I have changed her water more often so she can keep cool. (Hetty has always bathed in what is supposed to be her drinking water – don’t ask – I have tried running tap water and a sprayer/mister, but she likes to bathe her way). Today being slightly better I have been playing with her, but she still nearly nodded off as I stroked her head. I think she is hormonal at the moment. Very into chewing things. Here are some pictures ..

Such a beautiful bird – I’m biased of course.

Well that is all from me on this Sunday, better get to sewing my SAL piece otherwise I’ll have nothing to show.


Daisy x


5 thoughts on “Sewing Sunday and Cuddles with Hetty

  1. Lovely cheerful quilt! Hettie is a pretty bird,we have a little parrotlet ,he too likes to hang bat style…maybe it’s because we always laugh at him.


    1. Thank you. I think parrots are very clever and manipulate us into laughing and doing silly things ourselves. Hetty can be very playful but still nip you with her beak when she has had enough. What is your parrotlet called?

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      1. Skittles is his name, he’s my handicapped daughters pet. He loves to sit on her shoulder and watch her movies with her. He squawks at her if she sleeps too long in the afternoon,and he’s bored.😁


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