Sewing Sunday and other things 1st Jan 2023

Hello Everybody and a Happy New Year

I trust you are well and not suffering too much from high jinks and jolliness from New Years Eve celebrations.

I have been busy throwing out old things . clothes – books – Dvds etc etc They will all go to the charity shops and clothing banks, so I feel a good start to the New Year.

I have also tidied up the sewing space, with the aid of some very nice sewing inspired Christmas Presents.

Sewing wise I have been working on my Christmas Quilt and the Honey Bee Quilt (no photos) and also been removing some of the little paper squares on the Nashville Quilt, as I have received the wadding and backing ready to start the basting and quilting. It is such a long laborious bit to paper piecing but also very necessary as I get better accuracy doing patchwork this way.

Christnas Presents

I received some new boots and an embroidered quilted gilet from my husband, which I absolutely love !!

My brother found me some Queen (rock band) coasters – gorgeous – no photo, and some new books by Phillipa Gregory.

My Mum gave me some Simple Cosmetics and some money which I put towards a new long shirt and a beautiful skirt. So in all I am a very happy and lucky lady.

Hetty received an abundance of new toys of which she has destroyed one already, it is lying shredded in the bottom of her cage.

Well I hope you all enjoyed the Holidays and received many delightful gifts and enjoyed great company.

Happy New Year

Stay Safe and Healthy, and thank you for all your support and encouragement over the year.



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