Our Garden after Winter.

We had quite a hard winter (well one very heavy snowy week) with some of the lowest temperatures I have known. It had had a devastating effect on our garden. Lots of photos to follow.

This was the snowy week and it got to minus 18 degree C. It stayed frozen like this for 4 days and then slowly melted.

The Camelia bush has lost all of its buds and is normally the first to blossom – as you can see in a previous photo – a gorgeous pinky/red flower.


These are the two main plants that didn’t survive the cold very well. The palm tree suffered the worst.


As you can see the palm tree has lost all of its leaves. We are hoping that it will generate a new growth somewhere on the trunk but with no leaves to photosynthesise we may have to accept it is dead. The Pieris Forest Flame is just about surviving – although it looks a poor example of it’s beautiful self. There are new shoots lower down and one growing from the old trunk so fingers crossed no more frosts.

The survivors are the Rhododendrum, the Photinia Crispy Pink, the Oak Tree, The Canadian Maple Tree and the Cherry Tree, the last three have blossom and buds. Happy Days!!

But at least we have some spring flowers.

Nothing like a cheery daffodil and I’m not sure what the white flower is and as have thrown out the packaging. Is it a Narcissi’s??

Well that is a little tour of our garden, hopefully we can tend to the damage and hope nature can perform her miracles.



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